Ann Marie is the Accreditation, Quality, and Compliance Officer in the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, University of Limerick. She has worked at UL (formally NIHE) since 1986, where she started as an Administrator in the Audio-Visual Unit at UL.  Career progression has taken her through the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, Kemmy Business School, Corporate Secretaries Office, and now with the Faculty of EHS. 

Ann Marie has always been interested in professional and personal development and between 2015 and 2020 graduated from the University of Limerick with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Diploma in Business Studies, BSc in Management Practice, and MA in Technical Communication and E-Learning. She has availed of opportunities to develop her skills and knowledge over the years and as a mentor has officially and unofficially mentored and supported several staff within UL and externally. It gives her great satisfaction and joy to see people flourish, grow, and achieve their career and personal goals.

The remit of her role is to manage plan and support the schools and departments with the accreditation of all (over 70) Professional, Statutory, and Regulatory (PSRB) programs in EHS between external PSRBs and schools and departments in the Faculty of EHS.  She also assists and supports the faculty in quality reviews, risk, and compliance oversight, and mitigation in conjunction with the senior management team.  h

Ann Marie actively participates and leads in local community groups volunteer projects, genealogy, and history projects and writes a local history blog about her parish, Effin.  She is keenly interested in Irish Culture, Arts, and the GAA and spends her leisure time touring Ireland in their VW Campervan and participating in drama, singing, and music sessions.