Why do a Postgrad in Science & Engineering at UL?

Science and Engineering are on the cusp of transformational change in Ireland – with new, specialised careers emerging in areas such as Mechatronics, Bio-pharma, AI, and robotics.

UL postgrad students are on the European frontline of pioneering research, with a world-class institute for global research at the heart of UL’s Faculty of Science & Engineering.

Students can choose from over 18 postgrad courses in Computing, Design, Engineering, Mathematics and Science, and there are over 500 PhD researchers at UL. Modules are developed with industry leaders to align courses with the latest technological trends and careers.

There has never been a better time to specialise in these fields –  and a postgrad at UL will help budding professionals develop their own Unique Language to become fluent in career skills that will give them an essential competitive edge.

Download your essential guide to a postgraduate in Science & Engineering - including expert advice, UL courses, and careers.

Find your course

Course Title Duration
Advanced Engineering Materials - MSc 1 year
Aeronautical Engineering MSc 1 Year
Airworthiness- Professional Diploma 1 Year
Applied Physics MSc 1 Year FT, 2 Years PT
Art and Technology MSc/MA 1 Year
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning MSc 1 Year FT
Artificial Intelligence - Certificate 14 Weeks
Artificial Intelligence - MSc (Online) 2 Years Part-time
Artificial Intelligence for Computer Vision - Professional Diploma - UL@Work 1 Year
Biomedical Device Materials (MSc) 1 year
Biomolecular Science - MSc (Online) 1 Year FT, 2 Years PT
Bioprocessing MSc (Online) 1 Year FT or 2 Year PT
Chemical Engineering Grad Dip 1 Year
Civil Engineering MSc 1 Year FT
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence - MEng 1 Year
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence - Postgraduate Diploma 1 Year
Cyber Security - MEng 1 Year Full Time
Data Analytics 1 Year
Data Science and Statistical Learning - MSc 1 Year
Design for Health and Wellbeing - MSc 1 Year FT or 2 Year PT
DevOps and Data Analytics - Higher Diploma 1 Year
Digital Health Transformation, MSc 18 Months - Next intake January 2024
Digitalisation of Business & Industry Processes – Professional Diploma 1 Year
MEng in Edge Computing 1 Year
Edge Computing - Postgraduate Diploma 1 Year
Engineering Practice - MSc 1 year
Environmental Science - Higher Diploma 1 Year
Equipment Systems Engineering - Professional Diploma - UL@Work 1 Year
Functional Foods and Product Development - MSc 1 Year FT, 2 Years PT
Functional Foods and Product Development Postgraduate Diploma 1 Year FT & 2 Year PT
Health and Safety - Professional Diploma 1 Year
Health Informatics MSc 1 Year
Interaction and Experience Design MA/MSc 1 Year
International Digital Health Transformation - MSc Full-time Route:1 Year, Part-time Route A: 20 Months, Part-time Route B: 24 Months
Lean Sigma Manager - Apprenticeship 2 years
Mathematical Modelling MSc 1 Year
Mathematics for Teaching (Level 8) - Professional Diploma 2 Years
Mechanical Engineering MSc 1 Year
Mechatronics MEng 1 Year
Natural Language Processing - Professional Diploma - UL@Work 1 Year
OT Security - Professional Diploma - UL@Work 1 Year
Quality Management, Lean Systems - Professional Diploma 1 Year
Quality Management, Six Sigma - Professional Diploma 1 year
Regulatory Affairs in (Bio)Pharmaceuticals - Professional Diploma 1 year
Software Development: International Systems, MSc 2 Years
Software Engineering MSc 1 Year
Strategic Quality Management, Lean Sigma Systems - MSc 2 Years
Supply Chain Management - Professional Diploma (Online) 1 year
Supply Chain Operations - MSc (Online) 2 Years
Sustainable Resource Management: Policy & Practice MSc 1 Year