The aim of our committee is to ensure that research is conducted according to best practice and in accordance with ethical standards in research. Our first priority is to safeguard the health, welfare, dignity and rights of human participants and the researchers undertaking the work in order to minimise risk to these parties as well as the University of Limerick itself. It should be noted that our REC facilitates, not hinders, valuable research and to protect you the researcher from unjustified criticism and/or legal action. We are here to help you so please utilise this committee when planning your research, we prefer to chat with researchers first if you have any questions about the ethical aspects of your work.

Ethics applications are accepted on the first Thursday of each month except August. However, a 'Chair's Decision' can be made in situations where minor amendments are required to a previously approved application that is needed to be reviewed immediately. Please see form below.

Guidelines and application forms are available at the links below if you need assistance please email: 

It is advised you view the below videos before proceeding with your Ethics application:

Please note that an Ethics Application must contain the following:

  • 1. Application form
    • The majority of applications will use the Expedited Ethics form
    • The Full Ethics Form is only in the case where underage and/or vulnerable participants are involved  - see video for more information. 
  • 2. Relevant documents 
    • Please ensure to provide documents that the participants will view i.e. Participation Information Sheet(s) and Consent form(s)
    • These need to be written with the participant in mind, avoid complex jargon and ensure that grammar is checked.
    • If there are separate parts to the study (survey, followed by a focus group) then separate Information Sheets and Consent Forms need to be provided for each part.
  • 3. Interview Questions/Survey Questions
    • For each part of the study please provide the Survey, Interview and Focus group questions - these are important to provide so we can make a decision
    • For even semi-structured interviews and focus groups we will need the foundational and overarching questions being asked.
    • For online surveys please provide the actual questions with the application as well as the link to the draft survey.
  • 4. SE Research Privacy Notice Form
    • Please ensure to correctly fill this out and answer any yellow text. 
  • 5. Link to the Google/Microsoft Consent Form (while studies are being carried out during Covid-19)
    • This is important to provide, otherwise, we will send your application back and this will delay your work.

Application Forms

​​​​Expedited Ethics Form - most studies will use this form

MAC Compatible Expedited Ethics Form

OR Full Ethics Form - for studies that include under 18s and/or vulnerable participants (see form and video for definitions)


SE Research Privacy Notice Form

Guidance on how to fill the Research Privacy Notice Form

Other Forms

UL Child Protection Form - to be submitted only if using participants under the age of 18.

Chairs Decision Form (.pdf) (.rtf)  -  to be submitted if minor changes have been made to a previously approved application.

General Information

Guidelines for Research on Human Persons by Staff or Students

Schedule of Meetings AY22/23

Committee Members 2022:

John Mulvihill (Chair) School of Engineering 
Anthony Comer School of Engineering 
Orest Shardt School of Engineering 
Rachel Moran School of Engineering 
Hussain Mahdi Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering
Eoin White School of Design
David O'Sullivan Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Shirin Moghaddam Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Ronan Courtney Department of Biological Sciences
Fabiana Sarda Department of Biological Sciences
Kieran McGourty Department of Chemical Sciences
Luis Padrela Department of Chemical Sciences
Katie Crowley Department of Computer Science & Information Systems
Sarah Guerin Department of Physics

Recording Secretary: Johanna Griffin,